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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much does it cost?

      A. $18 an hour unless the client requires constant 1/1 attention

            or their time goes beyond our set hours then it is more.

           We have several funding agencies that help with the cost if you


Q. What are your hours?

      A. 6am- 6pm  Monday through Friday


Q. Are you open holidays or evenings?

     A. Typically we are not but if your work schedule requires it and if

          some of our staff are willing to work an evening or holiday it is

          possible but will probably cost double.  We are closed New

          Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving

          (maybe Friday too) and Christmas Day. We close early on

          Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Q. Are snacks and lunch provided?

     A. Snacks and drinks are provided but not lunches however we will  

          prepare and serve clients lunches provided by the family either  

          with a sack lunch or groceries left here on their personal

          cupboard shelf which is not used by the staff or other clients.

          We have found this is better because you know what they are    

          eating and it will be foods that they like to and can eat.


Q.  Do you provide transportation?

      A. All our transportation is arranged through Dial A Ride Bus

          Service. Bus money is the clients responsibility. If the client

          requires a staff member to ride along Snug Harbor's            

          chargeable time will start/finish at the clients house.

          All of our community outings use the Dial A ride.


Q.  Do you dispense medications

      A. You may send meds daily and we will dispense them according

          to the instructions you provide. They will be kept in a locked

          med box in a locked cabinet in the office.

Q. Do you have a place for a nap?

      A. Yes we have a comfy hospital bed in a private room for  a

           daytime nap.

Q. Do you assist with toileting or change adult diapers ? What about assisting with a shower?

      A. Yes each client is assisted with toileting for safety. Diaper

          management is included. We have a roll in shower to assist our

          clients with showering needs for an extra small fee.

Q. What credentials does your staff have?

      A. Most  of our staff are retired Nurses, Occupational Therapists,

          and CNA's. All are CPR/First Aid Certified and maintain an

          extensive In-Service Class Schedule of training and re-training in

          a vast variety of areas.

Q. Are you state certified?

     A.  The State of Michigan does not require certification for

          Adult Day Care Services. 

          However we are regularly inspected, approved and monitored               by our funding agencies: Community Mental Health,  Area      

         Agency on Aging and United Health Care's Community Care  

         Network. We are also inspected and approved by Ludington's                Fire Inspector, Emergency Preparedness Director 

         and Health Dept. 

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